Tiltable Tower Extension Ladder

Manufactured wholly from high tensile Aluminium alloy with sides
exceptionally strong aluminium section, giving rigidity & ensuring complete safety in operation. This tilting tower can be rushed into your factories through low openings and under obstacles. Mounted on M.S.Trolley having 4 rubber wheels and is operated by means of hand winch with wire rope for adjusting the extended section at intermediate heights with the help of pulleys. The platform is designed for the accommodation of one man and allows ample foot-room for user to use both hands freely to attend overhead cleaning, light fittings, repairs and other maintenance works.

When Closed   When Extended
 8ft                           14ft
10ft                          18ft
12ft                          22ft
14ft                          24ft
16ft                          28ft
18ft                          32ft
20ft                          35ft
20ft                          45ft


Tiltable Tower Extn Ladder